12 Tips On How To Clean The House Easily And Efficiently

A messy environment is synonymous with stress for many people. Although some live naturally with disorganization, for most, a clean, organized, and minimalist environment conveys a feeling of peace of mind that generates very positive energy.

There is no direct relationship to this, but the brain seems to create a connection between an orderly environment and an inner calm. To help with this, without spending hours cleaning, we have separated 12 tips on cleaning the house easily, and much more efficiently, after all, nobody wants to waste a lot of time or you can use the services of cleaning agents like Euromaids Naperville cleaning services for example to do the work.

1– Organize the mess. Remove anything out of place from floors, tables, and other surfaces before cleaning. To help, use a basket or box to collect the objects.

2 – Clean from top to bottom. It’s no use cleaning the floor and then removing the dirt from the top of the furniture. Wipe the tops of bookshelves, cabinets, or other high surfaces with a cloth. Let the dust fall and finally clean the floor.

3 – Clean by parts. Instead of removing all objects from shelves and cabinets, move them to one side while cleaning the other and vice versa.

4 – Leave the work to the cleaning products.  After applying a product, wait a few minutes to give the product the effect and go ahead with other tasks.

5 – Make your work easier. Use a container or bucket to transport cleaning supplies and utensils from one room to another. If your house is large, leave two containers in strategic places to the facilitator.

6 – Focus on the tasks. Avoid distractions while working (forget the phone and the internet for a few minutes). Concentration counts in your favor. After starting a task, stop only when finished.

7 – Shorten the tasks. Do not dry the dishes; let them dry in the drying rack. To make it easier to make the beds, replace the bedspreads with duvets or blankets placed directly over the sheets.

8 – Don’t complicate the work. Don’t waste time cleaning the entire wall if there is only one stain.

9 – Establish routines. If you carry out household chores always following the same routine, they will become automatic, and you, without realizing it, will do them better and with less effort. First, tackle the most difficult rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

10 – Clean up spilled liquids immediately.  It is much easier to remove any stains caused by spilled substances while they are still wet. This goes for any location: kitchen table, oven, clothes.

11 – Do a little at a time, but often.  If you spend five minutes cleaning the bathroom three times a week, that’s fifteen minutes in total. If you do this once a week, you’ll spend twice as much time cleaning up accumulated dirt.

12 – Buy practical items. When buying furniture or clothing, choose those that are easier to clean and maintain.

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