4 Home Improvement Projects to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

When you move into a new house, it takes a while for the building to feel like yours. At first, signs of the previous owner are everywhere, including the floors, walls, and even air, especially if he or she left an unpleasant smell behind. While it always takes time for you to adjust to a new environment, you can speed up the process by renovating your house in these ways.

Install New Doors

Although you don’t often think about your doors, they are key features of your house’s exterior appearance. Brighten up your porch by replacing your shabby, peeling front door with a new model in a bright color such as red or blue. Personalize your door by using stained glass for its window or by arranging the glass in unique shapes. Don’t forget to check Coastal Garage Doors for options for your garage, too.

Switch up the Rooms

Some rooms’ functions cannot be changed without expensive renovations. For example, moving your kitchen from its current location to your spare bedroom is not cost-effective or wise. However, don’t feel obligated to stick to the previous owner’s layout for other rooms. Make the living room your dining room, the screen porch your office, and the guest room your master bedroom. Find ways to make the space fit your lifestyle just by putting your furniture in unusual locations. Remember, you can always change your layout later if you don’t like how it feels.

Repaint the Walls

Repainting is something that many homeowners do before they even move in, especially if they have been living in an apartment where the landlord controls how often they can paint. To give yourself a fresh start in your new home, repaint every room. If any of them have wallpaper, get rid of it with a chemical remover or soap and water before painting. Prepare yourself for lots of scrubbing as you loosen the glue. Even if there is no wallpaper, wash every wall and add a coat of primer as you debate which colors to use. These extra steps make your paint job smoother and longer-lasting. For even more individuality, paint your favorite quotes, scenes from movies or books that you like, or eye-catching designs on the walls. Visit your local art store for stencils if you aren’t artistic.

Replace the Flooring

Your house’s flooring is crucial to its overall aesthetic. If the previous owner left behind stained carpets or cracked tile, it’s time to put in some new floors. Your budget, lifestyle, roommates, and cleaning habits are all factors to consider when deciding between hardwood floors, wall-to-wall carpeting, linoleum, and tile. If you hate the look of your floors but you can’t afford to replace them just now, buy some carpets to cover up the worst areas.

Moving into a new house is an adjustment for everyone. While you’ll still be confused and disoriented for a few weeks, by completing these home improvement projects, you’ll make your house feel more like yours than ever before.

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