4 Ways to Totally Transform Your Spare Room

You may have all these amazing and extravagant ideas on how you are going to design, renovate, and improve your house. You may be motivated and energetic at the time, but then general life comes and takes over your priorities, pushing renovations to the back of the pile. All those ideas to transform the spare room have gone out the window and it becomes the everything room; the space in the house where you put all the things that you don’t know where else to put. Don’t fall into that trap and get re-inspired by these ideas for re-purposing your spare room.

1.     Home Gym

With gyms having opened and closed and opened and closed in a constant cycle over the last couple of years, to make sure you have consistent access to gym equipment and aren’t going to be forfeiting your fitness again, converting your spare room into a home gym could be the way to go. Stick to a slick minimal look for sophistication and practicality. A ceiling to floor mirror, scratch-resistant vinyl flooring, and a neutral paint shade, completing it with your essential machines and you’ll have a fully functioning home gym that looks the part.

2.     Spa Room

Spa room sounds much fancier and elegant than an oversized bathroom, which is essentially what it is, but obviously with an added flare. Imagine that sparkling free-standing bath as the centre piece, a built-in sauna to cleanse your pores, and a vanity complete with all the fresh-smelling products you could ever imagine. You could even have a masseuse bed to give you the full spa experience. And don’t forget the relaxing music, essential oils, and incense burners for complete sensory pampering.

3.     Dressing Room

Having a dressing room is a dream for many people; maybe this is your sign to make that dream a reality. Picture it now: your clothes all perfectly organised, an entire wall showcasing all your chic footwear, a huge vanity with the perfect lighting for dolling yourself up. And, of course, you can’t go slack with any of the design elements. Choose a light and airy colour for the walls, go for a charming natural wooden floor from Quick-Step, and make sure the style of your vanity and cabinets is consistent. Top it off with a pop of colour by adding a velvet chair, patterned rug, and some interesting art that shows off your personality and you’ll have your dream-worthy dressing room.

4.     Entertainment Hub

A huge television, all the games consoles, and you could even add table football or pool. There are so many things you could incorporate into your perfect entertainment hub. But for it to be fully functional and adaptable, lighting and comfort are key elements to really think about; a comfy sofa and a variety of lighting options for all the activities you want to enjoy in your entertainment hub. You want to create an atmosphere and ambience that is totally enchanting so you and your guests can lose hours hanging out and having fun.

Don’t let your spare room be wasted waste; transform it into a creative, functional, sophisticated space that you love spending time in.

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