6 Types of Shower Enclosures

If you are having a bathroom remodelling project, and you decide to let go of your bathtub and convert it to a shower area instead, you have the option to have a walk-in shower or shower enclosure. A walk-in shower is open. It does not have any doors or glass panels. A shower enclosure, on the other hand, is enclosed with panels, preventing water from going to other parts of the bathroom. If you prefer the latter, there are various types of shower enclosures that you can choose from that will match your style, budget, and the size of your bathroom.

Shower cabin

Shower cabins are pre-made, and they are the most contemporary and feature-rich of all shower enclosures. As long as the plumbing and electrical system are ready, the installation will be quick and easy. These cabins come with different features, such as steam, body jets, lighting, and music. Others also come with towel rails, seats, and mirrors. If you want to turn your bathroom into a luxurious space, you will achieve that with this type of shower enclosure.

Frameless shower enclosure

As the term suggests, the glass panels for this enclosure are frameless. Quality and sturdy materials must be used since there are no frames that provide extra support and stability. It gives that open feel, while still protecting the other areas of the bathroom from water splash. It’s also perfect if you are after a minimalist look.

Pivot shower enclosure

It’s the most basic type of shower enclosure. It may have glass panels on the sides, and comes with a glass door, or the sides can all be surrounded by walls, and the door is made of glass. The door usually opens outwards away from the shower area. Make sure that there are no obstructions that may prevent the door from opening properly.

Bi-fold shower enclosure

It’s similar to a pivot enclosure in which the sides may be made of glass panels or walls. The difference is that the door with a bi-fold shower enclosure folds inward the shower area. It’s one of the best options for bathrooms with small spaces since you don’t have to worry about any clearance outside the enclosure.

Sliding shower enclosure

Another space-saver is the sliding shower enclosure. The sliding door will not take space whether inside or outside the shower space. You can move the door by sliding left or right. It’s also more convenient as you can get in and out of the shower area without having to worry about hitting anything.

Quadrant shower enclosure

It’s another option for bathrooms with tight spaces. These enclosures are installed in the corner of the bathroom. Their door also slides to open, which will not take the space inside or outside the stall. There are framed and frameless options, so it’s up to you which one will suit your personal preference.

Measure your bathroom to ensure that the shower enclosure that you will choose will fit properly. Also, see to it that the plumbing and electrical system are ready to ensure that you can use the shower without trouble. These enclosures come at varying prices, so set a budget to ensure that you do not overspend.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/bathroom-luxury-luxury-bathroom-1336165/

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