A Guide to Sourcing Heavy Construction Equipment

You might be an avid DIY-er who is looking to carry out a major home improvement project or you are a small builder that often needs heavy machinery, and the solution for heavy plant hire can be found online. There are hire companies that have all the heavy equipment you might need and most of them will deliver the plant to your location and here are a few of the essential construction machines you can hire for your building project.

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling – Whether you’re drilling through rock or loose soil, horizontal directional drilling equipment will help to get high productivity with ease. From short drills to longer fiber shots and pipeline work, HDD is as flexible as it is powerful.
  • Excavators – There are large, medium and small excavators, depending on the scope of your project and whether you are building a swimming pool or laying the foundations for an extension, the plant hire firm such as ASAP Hire, North Shore, have all the solutions. You might need a 1-ton mini-excavator for a few hours and all you need to do is search online for a plant hire company, make the booking and the machine will be delivered to your site. There are units design for working in residential environments and these powerful little machines are narrow enough to get through gates and can be positioned exactly where they are required. There are several types of bucket for digging trenches and for levelling ground and one of these machines can really shorten the project timeline.
  • Tipper Trucks – Moving a lot of earth and building rubble involves the use of tipper trucks, which come in a range of sizes that can clear a site of unwanted earth in no time. You can hire plant with or without a driver/operator and short or long-term hire is available, depending on your needs.
  • Power Tools – Circular saws and pneumatic heavy tools that can break up concrete are readily available, as are chainsaws and stone cutting tools, along with mobile compressors to power air tools. Stone cutting saws and heavy rollers are also on the menu and if you require specific machinery, the plant hire provider can usually deliver. If you would like to learn more about the type of machinery for hire, simply Google ‘plant hire’ and you will receive a list of websites of local heavy equipment hire providers.

Without plant hire firms, small builders would not be able to carry out their work and they are very flexible with regards to how long you need their equipment. Next time you are planning a home improvement project, talk to your local plant hire company and see what they can do for you.

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