Carrio Cabling Can Design Cables and Wires That Stand Up to Harsh Conditions

The military needs dependable cables and wires that can withstand the harsh conditions in war zones. Carrio Cabling designs molded cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, and power cords that meet the military’s rigorous standards.

They can design, sketch, prototype, tool, manufacture, test, and ship any custom assembly. In addition, their cellular manufacturing processes and short lead times simplify the process for their customers.

Military Cable Assemblies

The military uses cable assemblies for various applications, including communications devices and weapons. This requires cables to be durable and withstand harsh conditions.

Carrio Cabling can design and manufacture molded military cable assemblies that meet military specifications. In addition, these assemblies can withstand harsh conditions and environmental factors, such as vibration, sand, moisture, and high and low temperatures.

A custom coaxial cable assembly can help your product perform better, especially compared to a standard version. This is why it is essential to choose a cable manufacturer that understands the strict guidelines and regulations that military cable assemblies are expected to follow.

Oil Field Cable Assemblies

Cables used in oil field operations require robust cables to withstand harsh conditions. In particular, they must resist chemicals and oils.

They must also withstand the rigors of down-well drilling, and if they are severed, these can shut down a rig and cost millions in lost production.

These cables are usually bonded-pair and insulated with materials such as PTFE that resist long-term exposure to oil and water.

Generally, they are used as control and instrumentation cables. They can be fiber optic or standard copper.

These cables are generally used in various oil and gas production facilities, including pipelines, FPSOs, and drilling rigs. They are rated for heavy-duty use and can be made in multiple sizes.

Industrial Cable Assemblies

Electrical cable assemblies keep wiring organized, safe, and protected. These assemblies contain and insulate wires throughout buildings, computers, and other devices, allowing electricians to track where electricity flows.

Various cable configurations are available to meet specific application requirements. Some include plugs, receptacles, and other types of connectors, while others are encased in a protective sleeve.

Many conductor constructions are used in assemblies, including stranded wire (which includes many fine strands of twisted wire). The gauge assigned to a grounded conductor is determined by the total cross-sectional area of all the added strands.

Coaxial cable assembly designs are based on application requirements and the number of conductors and conductor sizes. Ambient temperature must also be considered when choosing a conductor size for an assembly.

Power Cable Assemblies

A power cable assembly consists of wires or cables, typically bundled inside an insulating sleeve. It is used for the transmission of electrical power and is designed to withstand high temperatures and a variety of other factors.

Carrio Cabling designs and manufactures custom-molded cable assemblies, coil cords, and connectors. Short lead times, in-house tooling, and rapid prototyping can help you quickly get your product into production.

Cable assemblies help protect individual cables from mechanical damage and can even reduce physical trauma caused by solid vibrations in machinery. These products also prevent damage from dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants.

Power cable assemblies can be designed to withstand voltages from 120 volts to 1000 volts. They are designed with solid or stranded conductors to meet your application needs.

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