Cost of Deck Installation in Overland Park | Material Types

If you’re thinking of installing a deck on your property in Overland Park, one of the questions you will find yourself asking is how much it would cost to install the deck of your choice. This is an important question, especially if you are working with a strict budget.

In this article, we answer your question, putting all important factors into consideration to give you a clearer view. Visit our website for more information at

What determines the cost?

There are many factors that determine how much it would cost to install a deck in Overland Park. These factors include the kind of material to be used, size of the deck, foundation type, the complexity of the design, labor, and permits.

Material type

To install a deck, you can expect the material to cost an average of $20 and $45 per square foot. The three most common choices of materials are wood, composite, and pressure-treated wood. It would cost between $15 and $20 per square foot to get pressure-treated wood, while the decking boards will cost $2 to $5. The cost of composite materials is from $30 and $40 per square foot, and the decking boards cost between $12 and $22.  

Deck size

The size of the deck to be installed is a major factor that contributes to the overall cost. Obviously, fewer materials and less labor will be required to install a small 8-by-8-foot deck than the one of a 16-by-20-foot. As an Overland Park property owner, you can expect to spend between $30 and $60 per square foot for a deck of about 300 to 400 square feet.

Complexity of design

Not all deck designs have the same level of complexity. Some factors that make a deck more complex include elaborate railings, multiple levels, a deck installed on a second story, or built-in grills or benches. All these complexities will increase the cost of installation. Also, you should expect to spend as much as 100% extra when installing a wraparound deck, compared to a typical deck.


If a deck is expected to withstand an extra weight such as a hot tub, a reasonable support structure with poured concrete footing will be needed for it. While small decks attached to the home may only require concrete blocks, decks that are to be raised will need extra beams and footings to keep them secured. Installing a concrete decking block would cost between $50 and $75, and a poured concrete footer costs from $200 to $400.

Labor and Permits

To install a deck of average size, the average charge of professional decking companies ranges between $15 and $35 per square foot. This price will vary depending on the size of the deck, materials used, and location. In cases where a permit is required, you can expect to spend an additional $500.

Deck materials and their costs

To install a deck in your Overland Park home, the three most common materials that can be used are wood, composite, and pressure-treated wood. Materials to build a deck cost an average of $6 to $8 per square foot.

Pressure treated deck

Pressure-treated wood is a fabricated material that is chemically treated under pressure to ensure that the wood is more resistant to mold, rot, and insects. In the United States, pressure-treated wood takes up 75% of decks.

The average cost of pressure-treated wood is $6 per square foot. When the cost of installation is considered, you should expect to spend between $12 and $18 per square foot.

Wood deck 

Wood decks are very common among homeowners. While they can be attractive, regular maintenance such as sealing and staining is needed to make it last. The materials to build a natural wood deck cost between $3 and $15 per square foot.

There are a few types of wood used for decking. The following are some of them:

  • Bamboo: This is the least expensive material option for a wood deck, costing an average of $3 per square foot. For the bamboo wood deck to remain in good shape, annual maintenance should be scheduled.
  • Cedar: One of the advantages of cedar is its resistance to insects, rots, and weathering. It costs between $4 and $8 per square foot. To keep it in shape, the cedar deck needs annual sealing, staining, and sanding.
  • Redwood: This remains the most common wood option used for deck construction. Redwood costs $7 per square foot. The downside of this material is that it is prone to mold and sun damage if not well-maintained.
  • Tigerwood: This is a premium wood for deck construction and one of the most expensive options, the average cost ranging from $6 to $15 per square foot. The lifespan of tigerwood is more than two decades. Special tools are required to drill holes for installation.
  • Ipe: this is a hardwood from Brazil which costs between $10 and $15 per square foot. This wood material option is mold-resistant and its average lifespan is 40 years. However, it remains the most expensive wood to construct a deck.

Composite Deck

Recycled composite is becoming increasingly popular as a material used in deck building. Composed of recycled plastic, the most common options of a recycled composite include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polypropylene.

The cost of composite decking materials is between $10 and $15 per square foot. If labor cost is factored in, the cost will be between $23 and $38 per square foot. To install a 12-by-24-inch composite deck with railings, you should expect to spend between $5,821 and $10,826.

Bottom line

The cost of deck installation in your Overland Park home will be determined by a few factors such as the size, material type, complexity of the design, and other additional options.

According to Home Guide, you can expect to spend about $2,200 to install a typical deck of 10-by-10 feet, about $6,160 to install a 14-by-20 feet deck, and about $8,800 to install a deck of 20-by-20 feet. For both materials and installation, you can expect to spend about $25 per square foot for a deck made of composite, hardwood, or pressure-treated wood.

The best way to get an exact figure is to consult a deck installation company.

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