Furnishing Your New Home In Thailand

If you want to turn your brand new house into a home, then you are going to have to furnish in a tasteful way that is also practical and comfortable. You can find plenty of ideas and advice online on furnishing your home, and you should work on one room at a time to achieve the desired effect. Below are some tips to furnish your home that are practical and can help you create a warm and inviting environment in your family home.

Look For Inspiration

You will first need to decide on how you wish to furnish your home, and you can get plenty of inspiration online, or you can go to a modern furniture store, Bangkok has many from which to choose. Look at the styles and colours that you like, and you can also mix and match different ones that will help to put a unique stamp on your home, making it personal to you and your family. Whether you wish to go for neutral colours, or something bold and loud, choose what will make you happiest and do not worry about what anybody else thinks of your taste, you have to live there after all.

Visit Shops & Exhibitions

Many quality furniture stores across Thailand sell a mixture of classical Thai designs and modern furniture designs, and it is worth the time and effort to visit some of these. There are also furniture exhibitions that you can visit where you can see various companies exhibiting their furniture, which may even inspire you. Once you have visited a few stores and maybe a show or two, you will then have more of an idea as to which direction you want to go. The next step is to go shopping and try to get the best possible price that you can.

Shopping Around

The one problem with shopping around for furniture is that you will often not see the same pieces in competing furniture stores. They will usually have items which are similar in design, build, and colour, but they may have subtle differences. You will need to decide on the general theme of your décor, and then shop around the many vendors and try to get the best deal possible. If you can time your shopping to when companies have sales, you may also be able to make significant savings on the cost of your furniture.

It also helps if you are flexible in what you want, and being so can also present you with further savings if you choose an ex-display model, for example, you can often save a lot of money. You can try negotiating with the furniture shop but if they will not offer you any deals or discounts, walk away and go to another supplier. There are so many different suppliers that you will be able to find one that wants your business, and will b willing to offer you a discount.

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