Get Explicit Interior Designs With Latest Silestone Countertops

Countertops cover the majority of the kitchen space that attracts the eye instantly. Proper alignment and the material of manufacture highlight the complete kitchen and modify the look. Apart from the overview, counters are the platforms providing workspace for every kind of kitchen experiments. Indeed, they are most prone to wear out and damage if they aren’t strong and resistant. Material for making is generally granite or marble, among which the quartz Silestone countertops have gained popularity for more feasible benefits. Many interior and decor designers have recently favoured them as they are stylish and equally the best of the kind for work!

Why Is Silestone Popular?

Most kitchen counters and boards are made of marble or granite due to their resistance capacity against fire and water, most used in the kitchens. Stone varieties are ideal as wood or synthetic materials don’t have the same features.

Among them, Silestone’s quartz gained the latest fame due to:

  • Colour And Style: As effective are the features, the quartz is available in multiple colours and inbuilt abstract designs. The surface finish is smooth and glossy, fitting the interior look of the kitchens. The quartz has designs in veined, coarse or fine-grained patterns. Apart from kitchens, they are also used in baths and lounge counters.
  • Certified Sellers: The quartz of the original Silestone countertops is sold by the dealers having certified partnership with them. Expert teams with complete precision in installation and maintenance are appointed to perform the job. The products through the dealers are made complying with strict standards and best material.
  • Versatile In Use: The countertops are used for every work; thus, they might get stained and damaged easily. The high-quality quartz is capable of resisting stains, scratches or acid marks. It is also to wipe and clean easily. In addition, the material isn’t reactive to any chemicals, making it comfortable when any citrus food or makeup products are used on them.
  • Durable Material: The surface is glossy and uniformly polished. It allows no seepage of water or liquids to fall on it. Penetration might weaken the inner material, and the platform may collapse, but it isn’t the case here. It also possesses strength enough to withhold strikes and heavyweights.

Exclusive style along with easy maintenance, the Silestone’s quartz also provides a warranty for 25 years if purchased from the original dealers. One step investment for a long duration, it is one of the fast fame gaining products.

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