Getting the Kitchen Design That You Want

When it comes to making changes to your home, the kitchen is often the first place that people begin. This is because we spend so much time in the kitchen and, because it is a large area, a design change can have a huge impact.

Many people are looking for a more contemporary kitchen design these days. There are lots of reasons for this but it can be helpful to first understand what a contemporary design is first. Here are just a few signs of a contemporary kitchen design.

Overlay Cabinets

The cabinets are one of the most helpful aspects when it comes to defining the style of a kitchen. Contemporary designs tend to have full overlay cabinets. These are the kinds of cabinets where either none of or next to none of the door frame winds up showing.

This kind of look makes everything appear to be seamless and typically has a slab front or what is known as a Shaker style. Simple lines are the most prominent features here and some even don’t have hardware on them to give them that minimalistic look.


When you think about geometry, you probably think about things such as curves, angles, squares, triangles, circles, and so on. A contemporary kitchen design is one that has lots of geometric shapes. These appear in things such as furnishings, light fixtures, counters, windows, and wall décor.

This is meant to be somewhat subtle but can be obvious to a trained eye. These shapes all come together to give the kitchen s look that is clean and simplistic.

Updated Commercial Appliances

Contemporary kitchen designs have a heavy focus on updated appliances throughout. This typically means stainless steel everything from the stove to the fridge and everything in between. Not only that, you will often see a ventilation hood over the stove as well to filter out smoke and smells.

This updated design gives it a modern, sleek look that other kitchen designs cannot replicate. Oftentimes, this is a more expensive look because modern fixtures made of stainless steel can run up quite a bill. Still, these are the most durable appliances there are and they look really sleek and nice, especially with the rest of the kitchen design.

These are just a few of the important features of a contemporary kitchen design and the main reasons why people want them implemented into their homes.

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