How to choose the right hardwood floor

You have many options when you decide you want to install new floors or change the old floors in your home. Let’s say you have always admired how beautiful wood floors look and how homey they make the home look and feel. How do you go about choosing the hardwood floors that fit your needs? It turns out there are a few things to consider. Here are three of them;

What type of wood will you use?

Ideally, you have two choices. You can either chose solid wood or engineered wood. Solid wood floors use thick solid timber planks. They are generally installed on top of one or two layers of plywood, meaning that you should be prepared to have higher floors. This may interfere with your doors and make the floor to ceiling height shorter. Another thing to know about solid wood planks is that they are suspect to expansion and contraction and may therefore move either longitudinally, tangentially or radially. They aren’t entirely bad though as they can be sanded in future and some people say they are quieter.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, are wooden planks comprising of a thin hardwood top layer that is bonded with other layers. They are not as susceptible to natural wood movements as the solid planks are as the different layers create opposing forces. Their installation is easier as they can be glued directly to concrete. The disadvantage with engineering flooring is that the top layer is thin and it may therefore not be possible to sand it later.

Prefinished planks vs site finished planks.

If you buy planks that have already been sanded and a stain and top coating already applied, then you have prefinished planks. Site finished planks, on the other hand, come with a raw face that you finish at the site. If you have already decided on the décor of the house, e.g. the colour of the wallpapers, cabinets and the colour palette, then you can buy prefinished planks that match your room décor. Site finished planks allow for customization. As long as you have an experienced crew, you will be able to control the stain and sheen of your floor. Site finished floors may be smoother as they are sanded as one single plain.

The type of wood you use

This is another critical factor to consider when choosing hardwood floors. There are many types of wood to choose from, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. You want to pick a type that is aesthetically appealing to you while also being affordable. It should also be durable and not stain easily. Some common types of wood people chose are oak or walnut.

There is something so cosy about hardwood flooring. If you chose the type of wood wisely, it could last for years. You want your floors to look timeless, be strong and durable and to be easy to maintain. Another thing to be sure of is that your crew installs the floors correctly as you don’t want to have ongoing repair costs.

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