How to Clean a Green Swimming Pool in 2 Simple Steps

If you already have a pool installed in your home, then you already know how important it is to keep your water clean and clear. Unfortunately, it is not always clear blue waters. When little signs of algae start to show, that’s where you know you have to do something real quick.

And when, for whatever reason you have to be away for some time, it becomes even worse. Because the little algae growth would now spread and by the time you come back, your little precious pool would be full of algae.

Fortunately, it is not as difficult to take care of your pool and always have some super clean, super clear waters. You just need to be dedicated, follow the steps and tricks in this article, and you will be able to always enjoy your days by your clean pool.

The Basis of having a Crystal Clear Pool all Day Everyday

The principle is super clear; if you want to have a clear pool every day, then you have to take care of it every day. That may not be an easy task, especially if you are working or have kids to take care of.

You might need an extra hand for assistance. Nevertheless, you want to make sure you pay attention to your pool every day. Here is how;

  • Check the pool every morning

That is like your baby right there. How you bathe your kids every day, that’s how you should treat your pool. Always check for any cloudiness, algae growth, or leaves and insects. Net them out on a daily basis. Any signs of algae showing can be swept away before it becomes worse.

  • The Chlorine

It is also very important to check the chlorine levels and make necessary adjustments if need be. Chlorine is great to kill bacteria and keep your pool clean. However, you already know too much chlorine is harmful. And too little chlorine wouldn’t be effective.

  • The skimmer nets

Always practice and make a habit of checking the skimmer nets every morning. Make sure to remove any vegetation, leaves that may have been swept in the pool by wind, and insects. It is an easy way to keep your pool clear.

  • Check the PH levels

Checking the PH level is just as important, don’t skip this step. It is a great indicator that every chemical you are using in your pool water is functioning as intended. Normal PH should lie between 7.2-7.6. Anything out of this range needs some adjustments.

Treating a Green Swimming Pool in 2 Simple Steps

If you have been away from your home for some days, chances are you came back home to a green swimming pool. That is how crucial and important daily maintenance of your pool is. But if this happens, don’t panic. Here is how to clean a green swimming pool fast and easy;

  • The Basics

Net your pool to have a clearer sight of what you are about to do. Then brush the walls to get rid of algae and clean the pump filter.

  • Backwash the sand filter

This is crucial to give the filtration system a maximum rate of flow and work more efficiently. Check the PH level of the water and make any necessary adjustments needed. Check the Skimmer nets. If clogged, replace them. Make sure to also backwash the sand filter again.

Run the filter system for 24 hours and the pool will be clear of any surviving algae. Also, make sure to get read of any material that might be aimlessly laying at the bottom of the pool.

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