How to Get Sheds Perth Permit

When erecting garages, stables, or sheds Perth, we always suggest that you familiarise yourself with your local council laws. Currently, there seems to be an Australia-wide push among councils to make it simpler to create smaller sheds, allowing councils to concentrate their efforts on approving larger structures with more variables that need control.

In Western Australia, the “magic number” that decides whether or not you require a construction permit is 10 square metres. Any shed more significant than 10 square metres needs a permit. You don’t need one if your shed is smaller than 10 square metres in size unless your local municipality requires one.

When Is It Necessary to Get Permission from the City Council Before Building Sheds Perth?

Exemptions vary by state and council, but they are always subject to a slew of criteria. Before going too far, it’s usually a good idea to check with your local board to see whether you need municipal consent to construct your shed. While obtaining council clearance may seem to be a headache, there are many compelling reasons to do it before you begin pouring your concrete slab or building your shed.

  • In the worst-case situation, the council may order you to demolish an illegal shed and remove any concrete or footings.
  • It’s pretty tough to get retrospective permission once you’ve already erected your shed. The best solution is to get a permit to save it from being destroyed. 
  • The main reason you need council clearance is that when you sell your home, part of the conveyancing procedure includes obtaining certification from the council that all buildings are permitted and erected by all requirements.

Steps in Council Approval Process in putting up Sheds Perth 

  • Tentative Design: Create a preliminary shed design 

  • Preliminary Conversation: Once you’re satisfied with your design, contact your local council to begin an initial discussion 
  • Preliminary Input: The council may provide you with feedback that may alter your design and may need some design changes—or they may suggest that your plan is likely to be compliant.
  • Preliminary Refinements: Make any adjustments to your initial design that are required. When you use our shed design and quotation service, you may have some for public service.
  • Formal Application: As part of a proper application, submit your proposals to the city council. If you’ve done your research, you should have no trouble getting permission.
  • Final Refinements: Assuming the council has any other requests for revisions, adjust your design and resubmit it to them. But if you followed stages 1–4, you shouldn’t have much to do here.
  • Approval: Once authorised, you may order your shed and begin construction!

When Can You Construct A Shed Without Getting Permission From The City Council?

Whether you go to your local council, they will let you know an exception for what you want to construct. Get written confirmation that your desired shed doesn’t include it if at all possible. Numerous additional sections detail various reasons why a construction could not be exempt, including acid sulphate soils, indigenous artefacts, heritage orders, distances to borders, and neighbouring dwellings, to name a few.

Private Building Inspector For Building Sheds Perth

To be safe, consult with the local municipality or a professional certifier. A Private Certifier must expedite and simplify the process of obtaining council approval. Moreover, while they are not accessible in all places or states, they are still an excellent choice when they are.

They adhere to the same laws and norms as the council inspector but are typically well-versed in shortcuts and exemptions. Moreover, they go through all relevant requirements, double-check all of your documentation, and then provide the permissions. They may also conduct all essential stage inspections before issuing the final occupancy certificate. A letter from a private certifier stating you have reviewed your plans and current rules and are satisfied that no permits are necessary will provide you with further peace of mind in the future in building sheds Perth.

Why Do You Need A Council Permit In Building Sheds Perth?

The majority of tiny residential sheds in Perth may not need planning permission before construction. Most of the time, if your shed fulfils the local criteria, you won’t need planning permission to build it. However, if your original home is a heritage-listed structure in a conservation area, you may need planning permission in certain situations. 


From planning to making sheds Perth, you have to persevere enough to do it all. Make sure to have the patience to get permits and to choose the right and available materials to build it. While it may be tempting not to seek permission, especially in rural places, the consequences will always be considerably harsher and much more difficult. Nevertheless, a shed in Perth may be a lot more elegant to look at and commodious.

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