Industrial Valves

Valves are devices that can be used to control the flow of liquids, gases and materials in suspension. They are devices that work to establish, control and interrupt the flow in the pipelines. In the industrial sector, the chances of finding industrial valves are very high. The industrial valves have unique characteristics according to the model, each is designed for a purpose and are important for the security of the site. The choice of the suitable valve must occur after an evaluation of the entire process and the desired need, understanding the factors of the process.

The industrial valves are made of resistant material, providing high durability and resistance, resulting in the high-performance process so that its action within the industry occurs in the perfect way possible, even more in the case of high-level equipment.

The applicability of industrial valves generates safety and performance in the processes. Widely used in several segments, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemicals, among others. It guarantees the regulation of flows and fluids, controlling continuously and automatically.

It is necessary to study the equipment so that the correct valve is placed. Due to the great functionality of industrial valves, they are divided by model, each model being specific to a function. Being determined according to the established process, pressure and temperature condition, nature of the fluid, and activation form.

It is essential to check that the machine is switched off and without a power supply to install industrial valves. This check is essential for the safety of the device, but especially for the safety of the professional who is doing the job.

In operation, it is essential to check and follow the instructions for use. Even operators who have been performing the function for some time, it is necessary to understand the operation of each product, as it may be an unknown valve or else it may present changes that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is necessary to check all the details to guarantee perfect functioning.

There are several models of industrial valves, which are used for the operation of boilers, pipes, among others. Some of the most used models on the market are:

  • Ball valve – resistant to corrosion and with high tightness, it is indicated for high-pressure situations.
  • Gate valve – Considered simple and highly effective, this valve has a total opening and flows in both directions.
  • Butterfly valve – Can work at high temperatures, but gases and liquids must be low pressure. It features a fast and effective shutdown.
  • Check valve – Applicable even in homes, this valve allows a liquid to flow in one direction while the other is fully closed. Retaining the flow loop in the piping.
  • Diaphragm valve – Used to control corrosive, viscous liquids with suspended solids.
  • Globe valve – Indicated to perform operations with repetition of opening and closing.

The industrial valves at belimo do not need to be serviced frequently. There is also the possibility of assembling software to control the valves. Thus, its benefits for the industry become even more satisfactory and viable.

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