Ordering replacement windows? Check these aspects!

Windows do more than just adding ventilation to your home. If your property is more than a decade old and you haven’t spent on replacements as yet, chances are high that your home has single-pane windows that are just not enough. You can save as much as 30% or more on energy bills with replacement windows. There are many companies that offer Grand Rapids replacement window installation, but before you place an order, here are some things to check and consider.

Signs that you need to replace windows

  • Your windows are more than a decade old
  • You had installed single-pane windows previously
  • The energy bills have been increasing every month
  • You are spending way more money on maintenance and repairs
  • You don’t have energy-efficient glass for existing windows
  • You have a tough time cleaning your windows
  • You want to enhance the existing appeal and aesthetic value of your home

Finding a replacement window installer

  • First and foremost, make sure that the installer is licensed and insured. They must have experienced, trained, and insured workers for the job. They must have necessary permissions for the job.
  • Ask for an estimate. No matter the style and design of your windows, you need to have an estimate in advance, with all the inclusions and exclusions. However, do not choose a contractor based on the price alone.

  • Get references. To know a replacement window contractor better, ask for at least three local client references. You can also consider checking for independent reviews online, to know their credibility.
  • Ask about materials. Wood, vinyl, metal – there are different materials for replacement windows, and each one has a few pros and cons. Make sure that the contractor explains what and why may fit best for your home.
  • Consider the glass options. Only selected installers specialize in fiberglass windows, two or three-pane replacement windows, so that’s an aspect worth checking. You also need to check what may suit your existing interior theme.

Not to forget, ensure that the contractor offers a warranty on replacement windows, which must be mentioned on paper. Also, ask about the time required for the project and if they can handle the needs of your home without delays.

Replacing the windows of your home is often not a choice, As long as you plan things in time, you can save huge on your utility bills and ensure that your home has the right temperature without stressing the HVAC units.

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