Pavement Or Conventional Concrete: Which Is The Best Choice?

A well-made sidewalk can make your work even more beautiful. But whether in the design phase or at the time of execution, the question always arises: what type of paving to use? Is a paver or conventional concrete driveway better? With that in mind, we will present to you in this article everything you need to know about this subject or you can learn more on stone center for example to see different types for paving. Check it out right now!

Paver Sidewalk

The paver, or interlocking concrete pavement, is a pre-molded block of concrete or parallelepiped, available in different formats, thicknesses, and sizes for application in works. These blocks are fitted side by side, so it is unnecessary to use additional materials to seal them. The installation does not require mortar since the fitting is carried out by friction between the pieces. In addition, we can highlight that the installation of the paver is faster, cleaner, and standardized. In this sense, expansion joints or any other special treatment are unnecessary. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to prepare the surface, which must be leveled and compacted according to the manufacturer’s guidelines such as stone center for instance.

Conventional Concrete Sidewalk

Conventional concrete paving is quite popular in civil construction, thanks to its high versatility and easy execution. However, it requires special attention in the calculation for dimensioning the trace and thickness to avoid cracks or sinking. When building a conventional concrete sidewalk, you can choose between the material turned on-site (cement mixed with sand, water, and stones) or the machined material. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a more uniform – or smooth – surface with concrete.

Pavement Or Conventional Concrete: What To Know Before Choosing?

Even knowing that concrete sidewalk or paver use concrete as raw material, both options have different characteristics. Follow next!

1. Durability And Maintenance

You may have already noticed that sidewalks suffer superficial wear due to the action of time, showing cracks or infiltration marks. In this sense, any material is subject to this wear, but some have greater durability than others. Talking about the concrete sidewalk, we noticed that it has a bigger problem with cracks or cracks in the structure.

In this way, punctual repairs must be carried out, which can be a risk for the standardization of the sidewalk. In the case of paver pavement, it also requires maintenance, but it does not have cracks and cracks, unlike concrete. Another benefit of paver pavement is simple maintenance and does not affect standardization and homogeneity.

2. Installation

As well as durability and maintenance, the installation of paver and concrete sidewalk is also different. The paver driveway installation includes excavation, leveling, compaction, and preparation of the paver pieces, completed with the sealing of the blocks. One of the advantages of paver pavement is that it doesn’t have to wait a while to dry to be used after installation. The conventional concrete sidewalk installation process involves excavating, leveling, shaping, and preparing the concrete itself.

These sidewalks usually have a simple installation process, but the material takes longer to dry, so it is recommended to avoid on-site traffic until the end of the process.

After All, What Is The Best Option?

Now that you are familiar with the differences between the paver and concrete sidewalks, it is time to evaluate each option and choose the best one for your project. So, it is worth thinking about the type of construction to be carried out, the budget, and also the execution time. For example, the paver is a modern and technological solution for the typical concrete pavement and can be a good alternative if the place has a high circulation of people. Both materials – paver and common concrete – can be used to construct sidewalks.

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