Pros and Cons of a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped concrete is stamped or patterned to look like brick, stone, slate, flagstone, tile or any finishes and patterns. Stamping concrete started with the ancient Romans dating back to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Stamping a concrete idea came from contractors whose names and years were stamped on public project work. Later, stamped concrete in the modern era referred to decorative concrete using contemporary techniques. The stamped concrete can be used to decorate the pool deck at your home.

Pool Deck

There are many names used to refer to the hard part that surrounds your swimming pool. It could be referred to as deck, surround, or decking. It’s called decking, although it’s not made of wood like conventional outdoor decks. Pool decks are fun for all landscaping elements, especially with paved surfaces like patios, steps or paths. The pool deck made available a usable area for transitions, drainage and covering bare dirt.

The pool deck, also called the pool patio, encloses a swimming pool. It’s a space where you spot lounge chairs, tables, and other types of furniture. It covers the swimming areas and determines what your pool will look like. No wonder mostly quality materials are selected when constructing a stamped concrete pool deck.

Pattern and Color Option for Your Pool Deck

Stamped concrete is not limited in shape and color. It has a lot of variety. Considering stamped concrete pool deck, here is an option of pattern and color you should consider:

Wood Stamping

If you’d like your deck to look like wood, wood stamping is a choice. Using wood material, it’s not practical because moisture and chemicals in the pool can easily degrade it. Wood stamping gives you a wood deck feeling and is one of the best-stamped concrete pool decking designs you can go for.

Seamless Stamps

Another great stamped concrete you can aim for is the seamless stamps that make your concrete pool deck feel like a solid piece of stone. The natural stone can be accented using saw-cut lines.

Flagstone Patterns

If you want stamped concrete to look like a real stone, a flagstone pattern is what can give you the feel. To achieve this, you combine color hardeners, pigmented release agents and acid stains to imitate the stone’s color palette.

These are the following process to follow when forming a stamped concrete;

  • Blending concrete with color
  • Spill it into your pools deck
  • The powdered releasing agent is added on top of the concrete.
  • A stamping pattern is created to form shapes related to the stamped concrete. Once the stamp is removed, the intended texture is achieved.

The stamped concrete needs adhesive added later instantly after its application. It will be reglued every few years.

Pros of Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

  • Cheap to Install

Stamped concrete is not expensive to install compared to other paving options simply because concrete is generally more affordable than brick or stones. It’s the right choice for those looking for affordable pool decking because pouring and stamping concrete is lower than other materials’ labor costs. If an expert can install it, stamped concrete can be done with less preparation, time and equipment.

Pavers are also excellent when considering a hardscape for your pool. The downside is that pavers are more expensive than stamped concrete. More also, the top-notch look you get from affordable stamped concrete is fascinating

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Maintenance is not an issue when adopting a stamped concrete pool deck. Although cracking will occur over the years in stamped concrete, its maintenance is generally low. Stamped concrete is glued and resealed after three to five years of active use. Sealant options prevent water from damaging the stamped concrete.

  • Personalized Aesthetics

Did you know that with stamped concrete, you can make your pool decking look customized to your stamped preferred style? Your installation team can create a trendy stamp that looks like:

  • Slate
  • Brick
  • Natural stone
  • Tile

Cons of Concrete Stamped Deck Pool

  • Cracking Troubles

The concrete-stamped deck pool is liable to cracks. It’s the most familiar issue that is common to concrete surfaces. However, stamped concrete, when compared to regular concrete, is less obvious, but it’s still a nightmare to pool deck with stamped concrete.

  • It Is Hard to Match Colors.

Although part of the cons a stamped concrete pool deck has is the variety of colors you can choose from, during replacement or repair, it’s hard to find a matching color.


According to HomeAdvisor, stamped concrete is a customized version of poured concrete. Stamped concrete is not as rough as what is expected of usual concrete. It’s inexpensive, though, when compared to other pool decking materials. However, It’s partially slippery, especially in some weather conditions and exterior settings. Rainfall and pool water are major contributors to the deck being slightly slick.

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