Relocating Large Trees: Check All Details Here!

You have lived on a property for decades, and now, you have decided to for a bigger one. Like a smart homeowner, you would like to retain all that matters to you. Besides what’s inside the house, you can also take along some of the large trees that have been around in your backyard or garden for years. Relocating trees is not that complicated, and there are professional companies that specialize in large tree transplanting. In this post, we are discussing all relevant details about tree relocation.

Why consider tree relocation?

People have their own reasons for relocating or transplanting trees from one place to another. It could be related to the value of the tree, or emotional memories, and sometimes, it is also about landscaping. Truth be told, it takes years for a small plant to grow into a very large tree, and tree removal hardly takes a couple of hours or more. With tree relocation services, you can save trees that have some meaning to your life. More importantly, this is a great decision for the environment, besides the fact that having large trees ensures cleaner air, shade from the sun, more privacy, and definitely reduced energy bills.

Scouting for professional services

As in any industry, no two tree relocation companies are same, and it is wise to consider expertise and experience more than anything else. If you have found a local service, ask them how long they have been in business and the largest trees they have relocated so far. You may also want to know about the process. Many companies use parent hydraulic tools, tree spades, and other equipment to relocate large trees, and they will be more than happy to explain. The cost depends on many factors, like if you need a relocation program, size of trees, number of trees to be relocated, and distance. However, most known services will be able to offer a clear and accurate estimate in advance. Lastly, the company has to be licensed, insured, and must have good reviews.

In conclusion

Don’t think of the upfront cost of tree relocation, but the advantages. Maintaining large trees hardly requires any effort, and you can have a ready backyard or garden in your new home. Sometimes, the decision just makes sense because you want to save a tree from being cut down. Just get an estimate in advance and find more on how the work will be done, because following safety protocols for everything is critical.

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