Spotted Gum Cladding: Best Architectural Timber Cladding In Australia

Due to its versatility in terms of colours, the spotted gum is a wise option. It is distinguished by its lighter hues and tones and back-sawn texture. Given its attractiveness, toughness, and endurance, it is simple to understand why this would rank as the top option. Spotted gum, a substantial native hardwood, is cultivated in various forest types. Significant spot-like markings on the tree when it sheds its bark in strips are referred to as “spotted” features.

The cladding is easy to work with and is suited to various applications and design styles, from Spotted Gum cladding to elegant Spotted Gum batten facades and hard-wearing timber decking.

What Exactly Is Timber Cladding?

Timber cladding is basically cladding that is built out of wood. Wood cladding seems quite similar to regular wooden planks. It has almost identical dimensions as floorboards, but is not made with a tongue-and-groove profile.

Numerous advantages and benefits are associated with wood cladding. Timber cladding is available in a variety of forms and styles and has the ageless feel and aesthetic appeal of a natural material. Simply said, it has the capacity to alter the appearance of your home. In addition, it is an excellent insulator and a highly adaptable cladding option. It may be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and is lightweight and simple to work with.

Selection Of The Best Architectural Timber Cladding Australia

Cladding is a terrific method for a property to make an excellent first impression in terms of visual appeal. It has the unique ability to turn a plain suburban house into something extraordinary.

Timber cladding offers a number of benefits and aesthetic appeals and is available in a wide range of types and styles. It has a natural product, a classic feel and an allure. It is said to have the power to change the appearance of your home. Additionally, it is a superb insulator and a highly flexible option for cladding.

The timber decking selection is perfect for various outdoor uses, including elegant verandas, poolside decking, high-traffic commercial projects, and wood decking providers passionate about superior quality.

The top six wood alternatives in Australia are shown below:

1. Boral Hardwood Timber Cladding.

Boral hardwood timber cladding, appropriate for commercial and residential applications, offers the ideal balance of toughness and beauty in addition to bush fire protection of up to BAL 29. This wood cladding may be attached to steel or wood support structures and is earthquake and termite resistant. It is advised to paint or apply a surface treatment to this cladding to prevent deterioration and achieve an optimal lifetime.

2. Weatherboards With Natural Edge.

Natural Edge weatherboards are permitted as exterior cladding on various structures, including sheds, tourist centres, institutions, and homes and apartments. They are produced using a unique sawing procedure that yields excellent quarter-sawn boards. These items have a smooth look and come unseasoned. Another good thing about them is that they shrink without warping and only have minor cracks on their exposed faces.

3. Vulcan Cladding.

Vulcan cladding is a high-quality weatherboard cladding product that comes in a number of modern profiles, such as vertical shiplap and level back. This cladding is certified and produced from thermally treated plantation timber by the firm. As a result, consumers who decide to buy this lovely product may take advantage of all that it offers in terms of toughness, design finesse, and weathering while also knowing that the highest sustainability criteria made it.

4. Hardwood Fibreboard Cladding.

Hardwood Fibreboard Cladding was created without any chemical additions, making it appropriate for interior and exterior purposes. It even claims it has a “better than zero carbon impact” because it is made of Australian hardwood and natural wax. Other qualities include termite resistance and 25-year assured defence against rot, split, or crack difficulties. The installation is easy to do, and it comes either natural or primed and ready to paint or coat.

5. Spotted Gum Cladding.

Spotted gum cladding blends appealing lighter tints and tones with outstanding hardness and durability. Australian homes are fond of this product, a biological species from the NSW coast and southern Queensland. The Janka rating for spotted gum cladding is 11, while BAL ratings of 12.5, 19, or 29 are also available.

6. Everist Timber Cedar Cladding.

In addition to being lightweight and relatively simple to work with, cedar cladding is renowned across the industry for being beautiful, adaptable, and long-lasting. These items, offered in various hues, including light browns and light reds, may be used with black components and maintain their stability in most weather circumstances. The provider advises using oils or stains for a clean, contemporary appearance, but you may also let the product age naturally. It seems burnt, as the image next to it demonstrates.


The leading experts in Australian timber decking provide customizable solutions that improve and complement the unique design needs of your project. Spotted gum claddings are prized by architects and designers worldwide for their popular option for interior walls and ceilings.

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