Surprising Benefits of Dishwasher Apart from Washing Dishes

The main advantages of having a dishwasher are, there are no need to handwash the dishes. This is especially handy, if you are in a large household. By using dishwasher, you can save on utility bills and water consumption. Moreover, the dishes come out clean and germs free since, the dishwasher uses high-temperature water to clean the dishes.

If you are planning to buy a dishwasher for yourself to save your time and energy, why not buy one that encourages you to just put the dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher?

The LG LDP6797ST is a 24-inch dishwasher that measures 33.6 inches high, 23.75 inches wide, and 24.6 inches deep. It comes with three racks. A thin top one for serving utensils, a middle rack for glasses and bowls, and the bottom rack is for larger items. The middle rack can be easily adjustable to accommodate various sizes from pint glasses to large utensils.

Apart from washing your dishes, do you know a dishwasher can also be used for cleaning a lot more items around your house?

Exhaust Filter

Exhaust fans will have filter to catch the grease. Dishwasher uses a high temperature water. You can easily get rid of those greasy stains on your exhaust filter by giving them to wash at least once in a month or as recommended by the manufacturer. It will be easier in the machine than doing it manually.

Dish Sponges and Other Kitchen Tools

The moist in the dish sponges are the best place for germs to thrive. You need to wash the oven mittens and microwave turntable to remove the food residue, oil and other dirt.

Keep these items on the top rack and get everything clean.

Toys and Décor Items

Wash your home décor items like plastic flowers, vases, light fixtures, pencil cups, and almost anything you find. Also wash kid’s plastic toys, pacifiers at least once in a month.

With a regular cycle, you can get these items clean and sparkling.

Bathroom Accessories

Soap dishes and tooth brush stand need to cleaned frequently to stay safe from germs build up. Give a weekly wash to your shower pouf, tooth brush, to keep them clean and free from bacteria and mold spores.

Always use the top rack for cleaning items other than dishes since, it is far away from the heating element. Before putting anything into your dishwasher read the manual to check whether it is safe to use that material in a dishwasher.

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