Swimming Pool Safety Compliance in NSW: What you Need to Know

If you own a property with a swimming pool, or you are planning to add one in the near future, then you need to educate yourself regarding swimming pool safety. The state follows federal government guidelines regarding pool safety and you must make sure that your pool complies with the regulations, otherwise you will be issued with a pool safety non-compliance certificate.

The Pool Fencing

Ideally, the pool fencing should be made from glass, as this is very durable, easy to clean and it allows you to see inside the pool area. The height of the pool fencing must exceed 1200mm and there can be no gaps, either under or at the side, greater than 100mm. When looking at ensuring your pool meets swimming pool compliance in Sydney, you will need to ensure that the gate is of the self-closing variety, with the latch at least 1500mm from the ground, thus preventing a child from opening it.

Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ)

If you draw an arc from the top of the pool fencing to the ground outside the area, there can be no objects within a 900mm radius. This includes trees, shrubs, flower pots, or indeed, any item that is within that space, which might be used by a child to gain access over the pool fencing. When the pool safety inspector arrives at your property, the first thing they will do is to establish the NCZ is free from obstacles, then they will check the height of the pool fencing and that there are no gaps wider than 100mm.

Warning Sign

There must be a sign inside the pool area that has resuscitation diagrams to show how to help a drowning person. The sign must be visible from any location within the pool area, and the company that installs your pool fencing can also supply you with a sign and attach it to a suitable location.

Once you feel confident that your pool fencing complies with state requirements, you can search online for a government-approved pool safety compliance inspector, who would come and inspect your pool and should everything be in order, they will issue you with a pool safety compliance certificate.

In the event the inspector found any issues, he or she would make an agreement with you to carry out the recommended improvements within a period of 20 days, then the official would re-inspect the pool and issue the compliance certificate.




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