The Importance of Employee Development – Helping Your Employees and Business Grow

Build a small business by investing in your employees

Do you have a dream? The same dream that I have? Dreams that make you love life and live your dreams. You are an independent business owner. You set the clock and standards for your business. You issue quality products and / or services. People recognize your dominance in your industry and business grow.


However, if you don’t put time to develop yourself and your employees then your business will never grow. Maybe it’s great but it will never be the best that can happen. And there is always room to get better, even for the best. John C. Maxwell, author of 21 undeniable leadership law, describes success as a “trip”. Success is not the final situation. This is a journey that keeps running.

And this makes sense, right? How can an individual or business grow and get better if they have considered themselves as success? They may succeed in some aspects, but they can never continue to grow if they consider themselves to reach the top. There is no movement up if you have considered yourself on the ceiling.

Develop your employees

Let’s say you are a restaurant owner. You have a different role that needs to be filled, right? The receptionist, waiting staff, cooking, bartender and bussing … only for a few names. So, you rent and fill it. How many employees know how to fill another position? In fact, how many employees want to fill the position they consider “below it”? Do they believe in this business?

The best way to make employees believe in business and willing to sacrifice your business and make it better is to teach them why each and every important position. Develop the employee and make them versatile as possible. Ask them to buy in your business plan and show them that when businesses do better because of their hard work and sacrifice, then everyone is better. Business getting better, more money starts to flow and pay / salary increases.

Offering development and progress courses

Stay with examples of restaurants, how you can hope the wait staff stays happy and loyal when they are not getting better in their work. If they are better than they should expect more money in tips to enter, right? They should expect more customers to come on the door because of great service and more tips for abandonment. They deserve it. But how are they better? How they become the best servants or waiters that they can when you don’t offer the opportunity to be better?

You must offer to pay many online and physical waiting courses available. Great service and reputation because it has “best service in the city” will only increase your customer base, right? Well, this is an investment in your employees and your business that will pay off.

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