The present and the future of VoIP Wifi telephone technology

VoIP, or voice over the Internet Protocol, has already changed the way many Americans communicate with dear friends and beings. With VoIP, it has become possible to make apparently regular phone calls – even interurban phone calls that would have cost a fortune with regular telephone services, free of charge.

In today’s world, with the current state of the economy, everyone seeks ways to reduce their life costs and save money in all possible ways. Eliminating high telephone invoices together would be huge to save money, but there was a problem with the use of VoIP that seriously limited its value in its original state – the user had to be close to a computer to use it.

Today’s people have become accustomed to portability, almost everything we communicate these days, mobile phones – wireless phones and mobile phone communicate with friends and loved ones, no matter where we are or what we do, so it was almost like doing behind in terms of convenience in order to save money.

Save money on all phone calls is great, but are people really willing to give up the portability of their cordless phones and cell phones to save money – Sure the VoIP would be good for calls If you were going to be just sitting and chatting for a while, but not being able to move while the conversation is a pretty important disadvantage to save money.

Enter the Wifi VoIP phone

You are looking to advance technology even further and make VoIP a serious threat as an alternative to traditional telephone service, manufacturers have started looking in a direction similar to wireless modems for VoIP to work. The Wifi VoIP phone will allow users the same convenience and the same portability they love with a wireless internet connection at home. What is done is to give the user the same portability with their VoIP service at home that they would have with a regular wireless phone. With a Wifi VoIP phone, the user will not even notice a difference in a switch on the phone they used to make all their phone calls – in fact the only difference that there will happen in the absence an invoice from the telephone company.

The future

As technology improves and other advances are made, there is almost no limit to what users will be able to accomplish a Wifi VoIP phone. As more and more cities are starting to adopt wireless networks across the city, residents can pay monthly fees to access, there is important potential that VoIP technology will allow users of all, but Replace their cell phones with VoIP phones. Users would pay monthly fees to access the wireless network that would cover their regular Internet access, but also allow them to access the entire city on the network on their portable VoIP phones.

What this would mean for end users who use their mobile phones for nothing more than to connect with friends, family and associates is that they could effectively eliminate these cell phones and invoices that accompany them. So what we could see in the future of VOIP could possibly be a device that would allow end users to delete their home telephone service as well as their mobile phone service and allowing them to do all the necessary connection (local and Long, day and night) without spending a penny more than they already spend for a wireless internet connection.

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