The Sequence Of Actions When Clearing The Snowdrift Area

Preparatory stage – Getting the snow out of the area requires a lot of physical activity. Therefore, the people who did it must be careful. According to statistics, many citizens are in hospitals with heart attacks, complications from spinal diseases, and fractures after another blizzard. In that case, a snowplow or an employee will help you.

Clothes – Dress well, but in such a way that clothes do not impede movement and are not too hot for physical work. After five minutes of work, you will start to sweat profusely. Use multiple layers of clothing, so they are easy to remove. As soon as you feel your body warmed up, remove the top layer of clothing. Etc. Your body should be warm and dry. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed a hypothermic cold that you won’t even notice. Rub under clothing on a wet body, and you have pneumonia;

Be sure to wear gloves or gloves. For working with a shovel, both options are suitable;

Put a hat on your head. Let it be a fine woolen thing, but the head must not freeze;

Wrap yourself in a scarf. It needs to cover your mouth, and you don’t inhale the cool air that enters a warm body.

Footwear – Wear shoes so that they fit snugly on your foot, do not rub or slip. These must be warm boots. They do not impede movement and do not interfere with work. Sturdy grooved soles protect you from possible injury.

Tools – Blades with curved handles are on sale now. They allow you to keep your body straight, lighten the load on your spine and make a person’s work much easier. The main features of such a device are as follows:

Long, comfortable strap;

You can choose between plastic and light metal options;

There are two modifications to shells – excavation and excavation. With the help of a shovel, it is easier to move the snow layer and not lift it;

The shell’s shortened plane makes the work much easier and reduces the risk of damage to the spine.

Use a flat-surfaced shovel made of smooth material. Snow will stick to it less, respectively, decrease physical activity. To reduce frictional force, you can apply the following methods:

Apply silicone ski lubricant to the shell;

Lubricate the surface of the spoon blade with common animal or vegetable fat.

Loading – You cannot start working until your muscles are slightly warmed up. Do the usual exercises everyone does in the morning. Pay special attention to stretching your arms and legs by bending and crouching.

Salt and sand – Sprinkle the slippery areas of the ground with salt or sand. You could slip on an ice spine and seriously injure yourself. This method will allow you to stand up and not fall. Use the help of snow contractors like Ninja De-Icer amongst others if it proves difficult.

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