VoIP technology is packed with additional features

If you have searched for ways to reduce your monthly telephone bills without sacrificing features on your telephone service, you might want to look at the company that offers telephone services based on Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology- or VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol Technology is offered by several different companies including vonage, lingo and sunrocket. While they all have different service plans, prices and features; There are also a number of common features they have. For example, all offer many additional features included in the service plan there without additional costs, and the service package is generally competitive in price with what you will pay for normal land-based telephone lines from conventional telephone companies.

VoIP technology, as applied by these companies, is included as the standard features of many things you will pay to get from conventional telephone companies. Voice messages, caller IDs with names, last numbers call calls, call calls, call forwarding, call calls, and many more are among these features. Not only all these features include, but they are also made very flexible because the settings can be changed and used from anywhere by accessing your account online. For example, you can use any computer with an internet connection to start call forwarding. This is a great feature for situations where you have to have a call to your home or office number forward to your cellphone, but forget to do it before stepping out the door. You can also do things like turning off the ability to call international calls or assistance directories from your online account to save money. Some services also allow you to access your voicemail through your online account or forward it to your email. When one service applies voice messages to your email account doing it with the actual voicemail message attached as a wav file so you can listen to messages on your computer. At least one service will allow you to block phone calls from certain numbers and or calls from numbers that do not offer caller ID data. One of these two features is a great way to fend off telemarketers or admirers that are too aggressive for your convenience.

While all of these features are very valuable, one thing that all VoIP services have, and features that are truly all their point to start, is the ability to make remote phone calls without remote levels. This is possible because “the Internet” in Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, VoIP technology flows telephone conversations to both directions via the internet in real time. This means that the telephone conversation is treated just like other media sent via the internet. Just like MP3, digital photos, e-mail, and other types of documents that inhabit the internet, there are no remote fees for telephone conversations using VoIP. The best of all, it is fully compatible with conventional telephone networks so you can still talk to people who don’t use VoIP.

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