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What are the benefits of secondary window glazing?

There are many benefits to be found by installing secondary window glazing at a property. If you are looking to upgrade the sash and case windows in your current home or you are in the process of undertaking a big refurbishment project and are wondering about the merits of double glazed sash windows to add a touch of elegance to the property’s aesthetic, there are some real benefits to looking at secondary glazing. Whatever you decide, make sure that you speak to sash window specialists, those with the expertise and know-how to help you make the right choice for your property type and project specifics. Secondary window glazing helps you to add value to a property, improve thermal efficiencies and within double glazing wooden frames, looks fantastic.

The biggest benefit to adding secondary glazing to a home is that it brings with it a good level of comfort. A second layer in your windows makes the home that much warmer and comfortable. It helps to eradicate draughts in the home and makes rooms warmer for people to actually enjoy being in them. There is nothing worse than a cold room that is hard to warm up, leaving residents to turn to jumpers and blankets just to feel normal. The other problem with this is the cost of your heating and energy.

Think about it, if your home is hard to heat up and single glazed windows are losing heat rapidly, it takes a lot more for your home heating system to do its job effectively. In turn, this means that your energy bills will sky-rocket and your thermal efficiency will decrease. Overall, this means your carbon footprint is not where you want it to be and your annual bills will be higher than you want them to be. With secondary glazing, you can cut out those nasty draughts, eliminate the cold, and make sure that your energy bills are lower, as it is much easier to heat the home.

On top of that, secondary glazing helps to keep out unwanted noise from outside, whilst retaining any noise you are making (none of us want to be that noisy neighbour!). In terms of security, secondary glazing boosts your security levels, as it is much harder to break through and there is a reduced risk of condensation.

Find a supplier of sash windows that can help you with the choice and installation of secondary window glazing, whether it is for a single property that you own and live in, or as part of a wider refurbishment and development project. The best suppliers of sash and case windows understand how to help you get the great look and feel that sash windows provide, with the additional benefits of double glazing in wooden frames. This adds a whole new element to your refurbishment project, adding real value to the property in terms of the life benefits of those living there, as well as the monetary value should you look to refinance or sell in the future. A good supplier helps you in the long-term and it pays off to choose a supplier that you trust and that offers replacement sash windows, repair, as well as installation.

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