Why Eliminating Pests Is Important to Your Home and Health

You’ve probably experienced a random mosquito buzzing in your ear, a spider traipsing across the ceiling, or a trail of ants marching through the kitchen. While minor pest encounters like these are rarely cause for concern, there is a time to get serious about eliminating those uninvited visitors sooner rather than later. Here are a few reasons why.

Pests Damage Property

Storms, fires, and floods have nothing on the termite. In the United States, damage from termites hovers around five billion dollars per year. Termites thrive in moist environments and, being the “Waterfront Wonderland” that it is, Cape Coral provides an inviting atmosphere for termites to thrive.

Other pests that cause damage to property and homes include squirrels, mice, and ants. Squirrels and mice love to chew and can eat their way through drywall, insulation, and electrical wiring, sometimes causing electrical fires. Fire ants are also drawn to electrical fields in the home and may take up residence in HVAC systems and outlets. Carpenter ants avail themselves of your damaged or damp wooden structures. These are just some of the reasons you want to be aware of Cape Coral pest control companies near you.

Pests Carry Disease

Did you know that cockroaches can carry allergens that cause asthmatic reactions, particularly in children? The body, saliva, and feces of cockroaches all carry these allergens, making them not only scary fast and hard to kill, but potentially dangerous.

Then there are fleas and mosquitos. These pests are not just nuisances; they also carry diseases that can be deadly to pets and humans. Fleas can infect cats with an infection that can cause cat scratch fever in humans that the cats scratch or lick. Fleas and mosquitos can also transmit tapeworm and plague. Mosquitos can carry malaria and the West Nile virus, to name two of the most common diseases. The bite of an infected mosquito is also dangerous to dogs and horses.

Pests Multiply Fast

Pests multiply quickly. One tiny, bewhiskered mouse today can produce as many as 60 mice in a month and over 300 mice in a single year. In their short two-year lifespan, a single roach can lay up to 225 eggs, and they rarely travel alone. In a nest, with worker ants supplying food and helping tend to the eggs, a queen fire ant can lay as many as 800 eggs in a single day.

Sure, pests happen, and while ignoring the occasional intrusion is no big deal, it’s important to know when it’s time to stop simply accepting their presence and take action to protect your property, as well as the health of yourself, your family, and your pets.

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