Bridging your business strategy to your web strategy: Three steps to bind this together

You meet a business owner or someone in his staff who eagerly tells you what the company does. Curious, you then go to their website just to experience a severe disconnection between website messages and business owner’s descriptions about this business. Instead, you are on the company’s website, try to learn everything you can before meeting them. Unfortunately, because you might indicate that you have done your homework, they just interrupt you, “Our website needs to be updated because it’s not what we do again.”

After 20 years the company built their internet strategy, there was still a significant gap between most business and web strategies. Maybe this is not surprising because there are more than 20 company furniture on their business strategy. So we don’t only have 100 times more experience working on our business before the internet appears, but many of us will recognize that our strategy to run our business might need at least a great rethinking. And while all business seriously has a web presence for at least a decade, a little if there are companies that are very happy with the presence of their web. So it’s not surprising that the business strategy most companies are not really connected with their web strategy.

Disconnect, or misalignment, between business strategies and marketing strategies often represents significant opportunity costs for business. This opportunity cost can manifest itself in many ways, but the compromised or pressed income stream is usually the result. Although most can agree that effective business strategies are very important for success, web strategies, and its harmony with business strategies is often ignored.

To overcome this puzzle, here are three steps:

1. Ask yourself, separately and independently:

A. What is my business strategy?

b. What is my web strategy?

c. If you can define both strategies, then move to step two.

2. Fight clear measurements, specify if:

A. My business strategy is effective

b. My web strategy is effective

c. If you believe the two strategies are effective, then turn to step three

3. Is my business strategy and web strategy connected, interdependent and symbiotic?

If you find that your strategy is not there, it is not independently, or not in harmony, you are not aware of the optimal revenue stream, or worse.

Think of your challenge in terms of building bridges. For centuries, the bridge has been built by first creating a strong foundation on both sides. After this is a solid working crew to build a way out and head to the center of emptiness. If built with excellent communication, two parts of the bridge join in Unison. Not only has a decent and smooth path has been built but, hopefully, it will hold a test of time.

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